Buy Adsense account for Your Website

Last year I thought of the idea of monetizing my writing on a article writing site, after following tips and advice from bloggers and other sites online I bought a premade blog to give me a head start a domain and web hosting from USA…. Added content and eventually bought adsense account early this year…

I then bought two sites last month…a meme and travel affiliate site..

The first seller was helpful but I bought it without checking on facebook there were so many fan pages sharing the same name.. Would this affect my fan page? As for the site… Memes are generated automatically, or I simply do them myself.

The travel affiliate site on hotels and flights and a blog, before I bought it the seller confirmed to me its a new site and copyright free, and no duplicates, what put me off after buying it was the hidden fees, he would give a answer thats not helpful and offer to edit the whole site for 60usd and other designers wont tell me..
Also after buying the site I notice many sites popping up exactly like the one I bought with just a new name by the seller. And bad records online about the company doing the affiliate which puts me off trying adwords. Although there are a few good ones too.
I feel that I’m finding it hard to generate traffic and having to spend more than what I get in. Like editing themes buying plug-in etc. And trying to generate traffic…even though i add content and follow advice from blog sites who claim to “have been in the business for a long time’

Even if I sell these sites would I get more than what I pay for?

The best solution for all these kind of queries is to buy adsense account.