UAE Currency Exchange in Banglore

Over three decades of relentless and committed efforts to bring the very best to the customers have made us, the UAE currency Exchange in bangalore , a trusted global remittance and foreign exchange brand.

Over the years, currency exchange in bangalore has enabled the customer, to send and receive money from almost anywhere in the world. It has also grown to become a formidable financial institution offering a diverse range of products and services that go beyond the usual offerings of a traditional remittance company.
Currency Exchange in bangalore started its operation on 23rd October, 1980, with the flagship branch in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. Today our services are spread across five continents spanning 23 countries with over 500 branches.

To keep pace with customers’ financial needs, we have always brought in innovations. Our offerings include Xpress Money, the global instant currency exchange brand; Money2anywhere, the online instant currency exchange portal; Smart Pay, the WPS-compliant industry-leading payroll solution; Flash, the product for real time account credit and Xpay, the easy bill payment facility through the mobile phone.

Another strong link in the work process is the use of cutting-edge technology, developed internally. Our in-house expert technology team ensures that customer experience at the front-end is up to the mark by upgrading and securing the processes at the back-end.
On the corporate social responsibility front, currency Exchange in bangalore is working pro-actively with various non-government organisations on a number of community development initiatives of medical and humanitarian nature. UAE Exchange has always been in the forefront to reach out to various affected regions with financial and non-financial aid during any contingency like floods, tycoons or problems more human. An environmentally conscious organisation,

UAE Exchange is transforming into a ‘Green Corporate’ by associating with various environmental organisations like Emirates Environment Group (EEG).